The Fairfax Resolves Membership

The Fairfax Resolves Membership


·       Access to the Hidden Tap - exclusive first tasting before the public (1 day)

·       VIP access to events at the brewery – the Privy key card

·       1 Brewer shirt

·       Custom beer glass to take or leave at the brewery

·       First access to new merchandise

·       10% discount off all merchandise

·       10% discount rental fees for private events

·       Notification to special events 3 days before public

·       Special gift on your birthday   

·       Name on the Privy Council wall

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The Fairfax Resolves were written by George Washington and George Mason on July 17, 1774, at Mount Vernon and announced a bold statement of fundamental constitutional rights and a revolutionary call for the colonies to protest British anti-American actions. The Resolves challenged Britain's harsh retaliatory measures against Massachusetts in the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party.  More than thirty colonies in Virginia passed similar resolutions in 1774, but the Fairfax Resolves were the most detailed, influential and radical.  Take a stand and resolve to join SDE Brewing in creating history on the Fairfax County brew trail.


·       The SDE Privy Council gear (growlers, glasses, id cards, etc.) will only be distributed through Settle Down Easy Brewery. Purchase membership at the brewery so to secure your spot, we will not ship any gear

·       Privy Council members can pick up their kits/swag, with amenities listed above in early November (date TBD)

·       Each person may only have one valid membership at a time

·       Memberships are not refundable

·       Membership benefits begin from the date of purchase (all memberships purchased in 2018 will last the full 2019 calendar year) 

·       Members must be 21 years of age or older

·       All beer purchases and growler fills must be made, in person, in our tasting room in Falls Church